Hello, I'm Jos van der Woude,
I am a Web-developer/Dtp'er and a hobby Mechanic

I come from the Netherlands.

Download my combined Resume
My downloadable resume is in Dutch.

Inspired by beautifull design concepts, and love to work on cars

You probaly think thats a strange combination, but to be better explained. I can do lots a work, and i like to help people. I can take an engine apart en fix it. Just to say i am verry technical, i work with computers from the DOS time, since i was 9. I build computers, i have helped non-technical users my whole live. So thats 22 years of experience! I love UI Design and i am a CSS addict. And with the combination of HTML and minor PHP/Java i build awesome websites.



I like various activities, fun to be in direct contact with customers. Front-end / Back-end. I like challenges, developing fun projects alone or with a team. Always want to do something totally new. I like a challenge!

Work / business profile

I am a helpful and responsible person, I know how to distinguish, and I can listen well and am respectful to others, I am an idealistic person, inspiring and i work purposefully. I am responsible for the work I created.

Who am i again

Young man from Groningen who encourages initiative and creativity, flexible, experienced, familiar. A true professional with great enthusiasm. A go-getter and always concerned with delivering quality. A real stickler.